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Brandon Carone

Brandon Carone

PhD Student

Brandon Carone is a PhD student in NYU’s Cognition and Perception program working with Dr. Pablo Ripollés. His research focuses primarily on the cognitive neuroscience of music, memory, and reward, and he is interested in studying the effects of music on cognitive and emotional development, the neural substrates of musical pleasure and spontaneous musical performance, and the use of musical tools to combat neurodegenerative disease.

Brandon received his B.S. in Cognitive Science from UCLA, where he studied memory and cognition across the lifespan, and how music and memory processes interact in the brain. After graduating, he conducted clinical and developmental research at UCSD in studies that utilized a range of neuroimaging modalities alongside neuropsychological, clinical, and neurosensory assessments. Beyond academia, Brandon is a multi-instrumentalist who has been composing music for most of his life, and he has worked closely with the Music Mends Minds and Music & Memory non-profit organizations.