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Anastasia Clarke is a composer, sound technologist, archivist, and researcher living and working in New York City andLenapehoking. Working with a wide range of hardware and software, Anastasia’s live electronic music performances use idiosyncratic instrument and systems design to facilitate the transmission, translation, and transformation of ideas using sound. Anastasia also speaks and presents at colleges and universities as well as for Music Hackspace, Nuts & Bolts, Expo ’74, NIME, and The School for Poetic Computation. In 2018 Anastasia earned an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College, and subsequently received support for work and research from the Queens Arts Fund, EMS (Stockholm), Tri-tryagain, CCRMA, and a 2020 Van Lier Fellowship at Roulette.


Music Technology

Develop your expertise in an academic program that emphasizes creative experimentation and the integration of musical and technical skills.

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