BS in Nutrition and Dietetics

All of us must eat and drink, and do so daily to obtain the energy and nutrients we need for growth and health, and to enjoy the social and cultural experiences we strongly associate with food. The study of nutrition and food provides a solid academic education and practical training for a variety of career opportunities. These fields also encompass some of the most critically important – and hotly debated – issues affecting modern society, among them world hunger and problems related to safety, bioengineering, and globalization of food. Through positions in health care, business, government service, private practice, the food and food service industries, and educational and community programs, nutrition and food professionals help individuals and the public make better informed choices about food and nutritional health.

Students in the undergraduate program may specialize in one of two closely related areas of concentration:  

Or may choose to combine either of these areas of concentration with Global Public Health:

The two concentrations in Food Studies and Nutrition and Dietetics and the combined majors in Global Public Health share many liberal arts and core courses in common. This means that students can enroll in one of the areas, and take courses in each of them. Students are encouraged to take courses across all of the areas during their entire undergraduate career. 

Half of all total credits are taken in NYU's College of Arts and Sciences, and our program gives all students a strong liberal education along with specialization in food or nutrition or global public health.