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Suzannah E. Gratz Receives The Samuel Eshborn Service Award

Suzanna Gratz

We are proud to announce that Suzannah Gratz is a recipient of the The Samuel Eshborn Service Award. First awarded 70 years ago, this award is presented to graduating graduate students in recognition of extraordinary service, exhibiting the value of strong leadership in school activities in NYU Steinhardt. 

Suzannah brought their quiet dignity to a significant leadership role in the Program and School. Their service is evidence of a deep commitment to social justice and personal and civic responsibility. Drama Therapy, for Suzannah, is the provision of and aspiration towards intangible human rights including the right to identify, to sense and feel, and to imagine. Suzannah actively engages the principles that are foundational to this award. Their service in this regard is a tribute to this University and to our Program that values service-leadership within a diverse and complex landscape.

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