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Professors Amy Whitaker and Kevin McCoy Featured in NYTimes


CRITIC’S NOTEBOOK: One Year After Beeple, the NFT Has Changed Artists. Has It Changed Art? Hardly at all.

By Blake Gopnik

March 3, 2022

“Art exists in a world where one is always making political choices about one’s relationship to economics,” said Amy Whitaker, who teaches art-world economics at New York University. The way NFTs have been bought, sold and admired automatically raises issues of ownership and its meaning. Issues of generosity (in that NFT’d images are supposed to circulate freely) and greed (in that they are mostly bought to make the cryptorich richer). And issues of community in the making of NFTs, which can be a group act, and of individualism, often, in who gets the money for any one creation. With NFTs, Whitaker said, such social “incidentals” take center stage, whereas it’s just about possible to see a work of conventional fine art in glorious aesthetic isolation."

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