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NYU Metro Center's LPP Tutor Designs Spanish Literature Course at partnering high school

Enrique Delgadillo Lacayo teaching in spanish

"This class helps me with both my writing and speaking in Spanish. I feel I can be more open in my writing, and improving overall," commented Landmark High School student Denisse.

Students from Landmark H.S. in Manhaattan are taking part this year in an introductory, for-credit, Spanish Literature course created by LPP Tutor Enrique Delgadillo Lacayo.  Enrique is concurrently pursuing a law degree and an MFA in Spanish Creative Writing at NYU.

Enrique has worked at Landmark HS since the 18-19 academic year, primarily as an ELA Tutor.  Through interactions with students during tutoring sessions, Enrique noticed a common theme of students interested in learning more about Spanish. Being from Nicaragua, he thought is was a great opportunity to introduce the students to Spanish literature and help bridge the gap of language and culture. Many students do not always see the connection of the 2 and this is an excellent way to address this with them.

The literature course is also an introduction to Spanish creative writing techniques. In this class students will be able to practice and develop - by the way of Latin-American Literature - their reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. At the end of the course, students will create a book with their work.

Students will receive 1 elective credit for the course.

Students were asked 2 questions

1. How does this class help you?

2. How this class make you feel?

 Additional comment by students on LPP's inaugural Spanish Literature course included:

"Me ayuda mas con deletrear palabras!" -- Dionisia

"Having this class is helping me grow my Spanish vocabulary. It makes me feel proud to be able to speak two languages." -- Rachel

"I'm able to continue to learn more about the Spanish culture. Being able to communicate and expand my vocabulary is very important to me." -- Yaquelin

"This class helps me learn more about the language I speak at home. I feel more comfortable speaking Spanish with other people other than my mom and family." -- Yasmerlin

"I like this class because it makes me feel productive. I'm working on my communication skills in Spanish, which is very important to me and my culture." -- Vallery

"I like having this class because it helps me with vocabulary and the way I pronounce words in Spanish, which is very important when I'm older and talking with others." -- Rafael Perez

"This class helps me improve my Spanish vocabulary. It helps me feel like I'm normal when I make mistakes in the language. I just admire the fact that I am improving." -- Brandon T.

"This class is able to introduce many words and their meanings. It makes me feel exhausted at first, but I am able to talk in Spanish more consistently." -- Joanna Perez

"I like this class because I enjoy speaking Spanish and it's another way of advancing in my written and oral forms of Spanish. It also makes me feel comfortable because other students also speak Spanish and we are able to help each other when stuck." -- Samantha Cedeno