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Meet New Graduate Nutrition Student Génesis Nayeth Codoni De Juan


Meet new NYU Steinhardt graduate student Génesis Nayeth Codoni De Juan, who is pursuing her master's in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Génesis Nayeth Codoni De Juan

Génesis Nayeth Codoni De Juan

What do you hope to achieve as a registered dietitian nutritionist?

As a future registered dietitian nutritionist, I want to help individuals achieve their long-term lifestyle, health, and nutrition goals with a realistic and sustainable approach. With a specialization in clinical, sports, and plant-based nutrition, I want to encourage, help, and guide young adult women to embrace and nourish their bodies without negatively affecting or compromising their mental, emotional, and physical health. It is my goal to assist and help individuals recover and/or achieve overall health, not only through quality nutrition but also with mindful practices that contribute to the reduction of stress.

Additionally, it is my desire to work collaboratively with other health professionals in the medical field and advocate for the importance that nutrition has in the prevention and treatment of many prevalent conditions and diseases affecting people globally. Lastly, as a current certified personal trainer and future dietitian, I aspire to become a speaker/podcaster who advocates, supports, and educates women around the world about the importance of quality nutrition and optimal fuel, physical activity, and hormonal health.  

What drew you to continuing your nutrition studies at NYU?

As someone who is strongly engaged with nutrition and dietetics but also loves to travel, I wanted to have the opportunity to continue my studies outside of Puerto Rico even though I love my island. However, because I am really passionate about clinical and sports nutrition, when I started my search I was looking for universities that provided a master’s program in these areas and offered a dietetic internship as well.

When I discovered NYU’s MS in Clinical Nutrition and learned about their curriculum, which offers courses in sports and pediatric nutrition, the nutritional aspects of eating disorders, gut diseases, and the dietetic internship as well, I was eager to apply to the program to see what happened. I have also visited New York several times, and it has always been a great experience. For me (and probably for many students), what was mostly stopping from applying at first was the financial aspect and tuition costs. However, I know that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I hope that with financial aid, scholarships, and other assistantship opportunities, I will be able to afford my studies. I know I have a lot to offer and share with the world through the knowledge I’ve acquired as a dietetic professional.  

What is your favorite study snack?

I have several, but my favorite go-to snacks are usually fruits, carrots dipped in hummus, avocado toast, or a slice of bread with nut butter, banana slices, and cinnamon on top. This last one is a game-changer!

How will you use your career or graduate studies to incorporate more inclusive practices in your field of development to contribute to social change for oppressed and minority groups (including the Black community, Latinos and Hispanics, and others)?

As a Puerto Rican and Latina student, future dietitian, and certified personal trainer, I want to make the dietetics field, health care system, and fitness industry a more inclusive, safe, and accessible environment for everyone. I believe that all individuals should feel respected, valued, and included in the health care environment, and everyone should have access to quality nutrition and overall wellness. Therefore, as a future health professional, I want to make health and nutrition education accessible to everyone, not only through my services but also by continuing to share nutrition education content through my Instagram platform, videos, and the development of a future podcast.

Now, how will you use your career and skills to create a more inclusive environment for oppressed and minority groups? I know this might not be the easiest question but it is definitely something worth thinking about and processing in order to take action. Remember, there is no such thing as small steps. Everything you can do counts. We just need to start!

Follow Génesis at @bodyandsoul_healthy.