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Lend Your Voice to the NYU National Student Speech Language Hearing Association's Voice Drive

A student participating in the Voice Drive using a headset and laptop.

A student participating in the Voice Drive using VocaliD’s recording interface.

The advent of synthetic voices has had an incredible impact on the speech-impaired community, giving those with communication loss access to a voice. However, the options available have tended to be limited, potentially stifling a user’s sense of individuality.

In response to this, students within the NYU Steinhardt Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders chapter of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) are holding a voice drive to help individuals with speech loss reclaim ownership of their voices.

To participate in the drive, donors submit recordings of their own voices to a “Human Voicebank” to be potentially matched with a recipient who shares similar vocal characteristics. Once a match is made, the donor’s recordings are blended with 2-3 second samples of the recipient’s voice to create a synthetic voice that maintains the vocal quality and identity of the individual with communication loss.

The drive is being held in collaboration with VocaliD, a company that was founded by a speech-language pathologist to create custom digital voices.

The voice drive will run through December 22. To contribute your voice to VocaliD’s Human Voicebank, email



Learn More About the CSD Voice Drive

Check out a recent press release from NYU News for more about the department's semester-long efforts to help individuals with speech loss.

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