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The Department of Art and Art Professions: BFA Thesis Exhibitions 2022


As the capstone project for our four-year BFA program, the thesis exhibitions constitute a significant marker for each participating student’s evolving practice and process over the years. This opportunity to participate in a culminating exhibition, showcasing their individual and collective work, in a publicly accessible setting, is a crucial aspect of their academic learning towards becoming practicing artists.

As they emerge from this experience and understand the critical role of an active audience engaging with their work, going forward, these young artists are more prepared to navigate the challenges and rewards of a public-facing art practice. Additionally, the exhibition not only gives them the opportunity to engage their own work in dialogue with their peers, and an audience, it also creates space for each of them to occupy the role of an audience member as well, engaging their critical thinking and analytical skills, and ultimately, furthering their ability to access their own work from multiple perspectives.

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Members of the NYU community with the Daily Screener will be able to visit the BFA exhibitions during any regular Barney Building hours.

Non-NYU visitors are required to register in advance through Eventbrite. Proof of vaccination is required at the door and all visitors must wear a mask.

I Was A Sunken Ship; I Love You Flesh Into Blossom

Thesis Exhibition 1

March 24 - April 2

Students: Natalie Rock, Sofia Piana, Amalia Medeiros, Rose Shulman-Litwin, Hill Spriggins, Soomin Mah, Isabelle Jordan, Wei Junting, Rainy Yuchen Wei, Caleb Williams, Ryan Zogheb

Faculty: Hiroshi Sunairi

For Some Reason

Thesis Exhibition 2

April 7 - April 16

Students: Ben Collazo, Ramya Manikkan, Abra Issa, Arina Izmestieva, Sarah Haider, Izzy Kurkulis, Isabella Crespo, Yasemin Germiyanligil, Nola Dollard, Sihan Guo, Adam Gold

Faculty: Terike Haapoja

Will There Really Be A Morning

Thesis Exhibition 3

April 21 - April 30

Students: Iman Dabbous, Nina Molloy, Catherine McMahon, Brock Riggins, Sarah Goldman, Will Stabach, Ebony Joiner, Oscar Parkey, John Payiavlas, Melonie Knight, Sonia Miklaucic, Bryan Jeon

Faculty: Jonathan Berger

A Cricket in the Kitchen

Thesis Exhibition 4

May 5 - May 14

Students: Valeria Hernandez, Sophie Lewis, Eliana Samson, Kris Waymire, Brittany Alexander, Rhea Barve, Hannah Rothbard, David Ma, Ari Kim, Avra David, Delia Pelli-Walbert, Talia Deane

Faculty: Laurel Ptak