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Dean’s Public Square Event Connects NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Tel Aviv

A black and white aerial photo the Washington Square Arch with text that says "Dean's Public Square Series"

Following the recent Abraham Accords Peace Agreement between the UAE and Israel, faculty and participants from NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU Steinhardt, and NYU Tel Aviv collaborated in a joint webinar on the interrelated issues of food systems, food security, and the impacts of COVID-19. The global event took place on April 7 as part of Steinhardt Dean's Public Square Series

The event was hosted by Lisa Sasson, associate dean of Steinhardt Global Affairs and Experiential Learning, and began with opening remarks from Jack Knott, Gale and Ira Drukier Dean of NYU Steinhardt, followed by Carol Brandt, NYU Abu Dhabi vice provost and associate vice chancellor, Global Education and Outreach, and Benny Hary, NYU Tel Aviv director and professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies.

The global event among NYU campuses featured three esteemed scholars. NYU professor, author, and advocate Marion Nestle highlighted how the Coronavirus pandemic exposed flaws in the U.S. food system and what needs to be done to protect against food insecurity and chronic disease.  We looked to the past for lessons today as Professor Yifat Taharani, an archeologist at NYU Tel Aviv, explored "Epidemics, Famine, and Distress in Antiquity.”  Finally, we were transported to Abu Dhabi to learn about the current and future directions for food security in the Gulf region, as presented by Jonathan Shannon, visiting professor of Anthropology, NYU Abu Dhabi. 

*The Abraham Accords Peace Agreement between the UAE and Israel presents the global sites a wonderful opportunity for researchers and scholars, professors, students, administrators, health practitioners to collaborate on joint projects, research, grants, student exchange, and curriculum development in order to find solutions to issues such as green technology and sustainability among many other projects.

Register and join us for the next Dean’s Public Square Series: “The Future of Children’s Literature” on May 7th from 12:00-1:30 PM EDT.