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Calendar Girl Premiere: Costume Studies Alumna Natalie Nudell Featured in Vogue


Inside the Premiere of Calendar Girl—the Long-Awaited Ruth Finley Documentary

Vogue Magazine

March 6, 2022

"Friday night is not typically scheduled with events in the New York party circuit but it was the date of choice for the premiere of Calendar Girl, the Ruth Finley documentary from director Christian D. Bruun. Those in the know, know the late Finley as the Oz-like figure behind New York Fashion Week. For nearly seven decades, if you wanted your designs to walk down a catwalk at NYFW, a call to Finley and her Fashion Calendar publication was in order. All this to say, for a film centered on dates and timing, there was really only one way to RSVP. Finley had literally made time in the calendar for much of New York’s brightest stars (in the film, we hear from Diane von Furstenberg, Bill Cunningham, Carolina Herrera) so everyone happily turned out for the event.

Set in Park Avenue’s Scandinavia House—a nod to the director’s native Denmark, guests turned up at 6:45 pm for a 7:00 pm screening. In attendance were many fashion industry heavy-hitters including Fern Mallis, Steven Kolb, and Dr. Valerie Steele. Also there were Finley’s family, the film’s writer-producer Natalie Nudell, Jeffrey Banks, Nancy Chilton, and Vogue’s Lilah Ramzi."

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