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Alumni Speak on Careers in Commercial Theatre

Megan Dieterle, Eric Schwartz, Gregg Arst, Trevor Moppin, Klancy Maples, and Wendy Dubner

From top left to right: Megan Dieterle, Eric Schwartz, Gregg Arst, Trevor Moppin, Klancy Maples, and Wendy Dubner

The NYU Performing Arts Administration graduate program invited outstanding alumni and their colleagues to meet with the current students and recent graduates virtually on Friday, April 22. The panelists shared their professional experiences and insights and advice for career development in the commercial theatre industry. 

The panel discussion was followed by breakout sessions during which students got a chance to directly connect with the panelists and ask questions and engage in dialogues in a more intimate setting.

Eric Schwartz (‘12)
Interactive Products and Operations Director, The Shubert Organization

Gregg Arst (‘00)
President and Founder, Tanna, Inc

Megan Dieterle (‘12)
Producer and Writer

Wendy Dubner (‘22)
Production Operations, Disney Theatrical Group

Klancy Maples (‘20)
Interactive Coordinator, The Shubert Organization

Trevor Moppin
Creative Projects Assistant, The Shubert Organization

Here's what student attendees learned:

I appreciated a panelist talking about how she got a job at Disney Theatrical after 7 years of applying. I only just started my internship search this semester and got several application rejections. It’s great to know that a rejection (or several!) doesn’t mean you will never work for that company.

I liked the advice to have a good work ethic and to take on any project, even if you think it is too big. This is a key takeaway for me since I tend to back down if I feel I am unmatched in my skills.

Keep your line of communication open. Don’t settle when you don’t get an opportunity, it might come back around later. When it comes to your career, don’t set yourself up on a timeline, your opportunities will come to you when it's time.