Master's Curriculum in Piano Performance, Concentration in Solo

Master's Curriculum in Piano Performance, Concentration in Solo

MM in Music Performance and Composition
Concentration in Solo Piano (36 points) for those enrolling for study beginning Fall 2017


6 points

6 points from two of the following by advisement
MPAME-GE 2021 Music Reference and Research Materials 3
MPAME-GE 2130 Research in Music and Music Education 3
Music History/Literature (one of the following by advisement; items below are only a sample of the courses available to pianists each semester)
MPATC-GE 2151 Sonata in the 19th Century 3
MPATC-GE 2039 Contemporary Music 3
MPATC-GE 2127 Aesthetics of Compositional Process in the Symphony 3
MPATC-GE 2200 Seminar in Music Theory 3
MPATC-GE 2069 Opera in the 20th Century 3
MPATC-GE 2550 Film Music: Historical and Aesthetic Perspectives 3


27 points

Applied Instrumental Study9
MPAPE-GE 2356 Private Piano - Solo Repertoire 3
MPAxx-GE xxxx Chamber Music, Workshop 1 - 3
Includes chamber music, contemporary music ensembles, and song repertoire classes
Performance Practice (Restricted Electives)12
MPAPE-GE 2170 Spring Collaborative Piano: Techniques and Practicum 3
MPAPE-GE 2181 Spring Influential Pianists and Performance Practice 3
MPAPE-GE 2186 Fall Piano Literature, 18th-20th c 3
MPAPE-GE 2187 Fall Piano Literature, 20th-21st c 3
MPAPE-GE 2189 Spring Performance Practices & Entrepreneurship in 20th & 21st Century Piano Music 3


3 points

MPAPE-GE 2026 Colloquy Colloquy in Music (assessed public recital and dossier of professional documents) 3


Baccalaureate in Music Performance or its academic equivalent
Successful completion of exams in Music Theory, Aural Training, and Music History and any required remedial classes resulting from those exams