Full-Time Faculty

Isra Ali
  • Feminism and the War on Terror
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Digital Media
  • Domestic Discourse and Foreign Policy
Arjun Appadurai
  • Global media, consumption, and migration
  • Poverty, violence, and social inclusion
A J Bauer
  • Political communication
  • Journalism and media history
  • Right-wing movements and media activism
  • Conservative news cultures
Rodney Benson | Chair
  • Global Production of Culture in the Digital Age
  • Logics of Media Ownership
  • Comparative Media Systems
  • Media and Social Theory
Jamie Skye Bianco
  • Digital and tactical media
  • Queer, Feminist, New Materialisms and Affect Theory
  • Practice-Based and Artistic Research
Deborah J. Borisoff
  • Gender and communication
  • Conflict management
  • Organizational communication
Finn Brunton
  • The relationships between society, culture, and information technology
  • The adoption, adaptation, modification and misuse of digital media and hardware
  • Privacy and information security
Paula Chakravartty
  • Comparative political economy
  • Global governance and social justice
  • Media and empire
Lily Hope Chumley
  • Semiotics and linguistic anthropology
  • Postsocialist histories
  • Aesthetics of capitalism
Stephen Duncombe
  • Arts, Media and Social Change
  • Alternative media
  • Spectacle
Allen Feldman
  • Visual culture and violence
  • Political anthropology of the body
  • Archeology and genealogy of media and technology
Alexander Galloway
  • Critical theory, semiotics, aesthetics
  • Digital media, networks, software
  • New media art, video games, film
Brett Gary
  • Liberalism and censorship
  • Hollywood and history
  • Intellectual and legal history
  • US cultural history
Lisa Gitelman
  • American media history
  • Print culture studies
  • History of technology
Kevin Gotkin
  • Disability theory
  • Media and ritual
  • Media production
Erin Gray
  • critical theory and aesthetics
  • visual culture and violence
  • liberalism, white supremacy, and racial capitalism
  • the black radical tradition, transnational feminisms, and queer of color critique
Radha Hegde | Director, Graduate Studies
  • Mediated practices and migrants
  • Globalization
  • Transnational feminism
Ben Kafka
  • Paperwork, bureaucracy
  • Psychoanalysis, grammatology
  • Intellectual and cultural history
    of Europe
Arun Kundnani
  • Islamophobia and racial capitalism
  • Political violence and surveillance
  • Black radical movements
Ted Magder
  • Communication policy and law
  • Contemporary media culture
  • Globalization
Charlton McIlwain
  • Race, media, and politics
  • Racial discourse and social media
  • Digital media and racial inequality
Mark Crispin Miller
  • Modern propaganda
  • History and tactics of advertising
  • American film
  • Media ownership
Mara Mills
  • Science and technology studies
  • History and politics of digital media
  • Telephone and mobile communication studies
  • Disability studies
Nicholas Mirzoeff
  • Visual culture
  • Decolonial genealogy of "visuality"
Kelli Moore
  • Black feminist thought
  • Legal philosophy
  • Visual culture
Susan Murray
  • Social and industrial histories of the media
  • Visual culture
Laine Nooney
  • Computer and video game histories
  • Game studies and game design
  • Media archaeology and media theory
Juan Pinon
  • U.S. Latino and Latin American media
  • Political and cultural economy
  • Immigration and appropriation of new technologies
Arvind Rajagopal
  • History of media
  • Critical theory
  • Public sphere formation
  • South Asia
  • Religion and media
Erica Robles-Anderson
  • Visual and material culture
  • Media, culture, and space
  • Architecture and interaction design
  • Screens and displays
Martin Scherzinger
  • Sonic culture
  • Music
  • Media and politics
Natasha Schüll | Director, Undergraduate Studies
  • Technology and the self
  • Design and experience of digital media
  • Ethnography, science and technology studies
  • Capitalism and addiction
Nicole Starosielski
  • Digital media
  • Communication technologies
  • Networks and infrastructure
Marita Sturken
  • Cultural memory
  • Visual culture
  • Consumerism
  • Popular culture
Helga Tawil-Souri
  • Middle East and Palestinian politics and media
  • Globalization, Capitalism, Development 
  • Geography, Borders, Infrastructure
Aurora Wallace
  • Media, urban space and architecture
  • History of American media
  • Consumer culture
  • Crime and media
Angela Xiao Wu
  • Data analytics and algorithmic cultures
  • Media use and infrastructures
Information technology, politics, and post-reform China

Affiliated Faculty

Arlene Dávila
  • Media and visual culture
  • Urban studies and geographies of inequality
  • Political economy
  • Latino/a Latin American Studies
Faye Ginsburg
  • Culture, media, and anthropology
  • Ethnographic documentary
  • Indigenous and alternative media
  • Ethnography of media
Anna Greenspan
  • Interactive Media
  • Philosophy of Technology
  • Urban Studies
  • Chinese Modernity
Eric Klinenberg
  • Urban studies
  • Media and cultural production
  • Risk and disaster
  • Race
Anna McCarthy
  • Visual culture
  • Media and space
Dana Polan
  • Cinema studies
  • Politics of film
  • History and narrative
Ella Shohat
  • Postcolonial studies
  • Transnational Middle Eastern film/media
  • Visual culture

Faculty Emeritus

Terence Moran
  • History of communication, technology
  • Propaganda analysis

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