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Izat Elamoor SOE PhD student

Izat Elamoor

Sociology of Education PhD Student

Name: Izat Elamoor 


Program: Sociology of Education 

Research Interests: LGBTQ issues in education, Israel/Palestine, LGBTQ Politics, LGBTQ educational experiences, LGBTQ inclusion in education, institutional homophobia, LGBTQ social movements.    

Principal Advisor(s): Lisa Stulberg  

Research Description/Bio: 

Izat Elamoor is a fifth-year doctoral candidate in the Sociology of Education program focusing on LGBTQ issues in education. He explores LGBTQ identities and experiences in the Israel-Palestine region. Izat also studies LGBTQ politics and social movements through pop-culture and social media in the aftermath of the Arab uprisings.     

Before attending NYU, Izat received his MA in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, where he taught Human Sexuality and Women, Culture, Power. Prior to his graduate studies, Izat worked in the educational ORT Network in Israel, and the English Access Microscholarship Program through the U.S. Department in Tel Aviv. At NYU, he course-assists the course Global Culture Wars.         

Selected Awards, Publications, and Presentations:


Book chapter: “Queering Their Honor”, in Negotiating Spiritual Violence in the Queer Community, by Information Age Publication. 2019 

Article: Amoor, I. E. (2018). Closets and institutions: Queer teacher exclusion in the Israeli high school system. Sexualities.



Fulbright FLTA (Foreign Language Teaching Assistant) Grant at Brown University – 2011

Taft Graduate Enrichment Award, the University of Cincinnati – 2015


“Queering Their Honor in the English Classroom”. International Society for Language Studies (ISLS) Conference. (June 2019, Hong Kong). 

“Queers of the Night: Queering the Egyptian Social and Political Uprising through Music”. Eastern Sociological Society (ESS) Conference. (March 2019, Boston, MA) 

“Closets and Institutions: Queering Exclusion in the Israeli High School System”. Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) Conference. (March 2017, Atlanta, GA) 

Homonationalism and Pinkwashing in Israel/Palestine - Queer Tactics of Traversing   Colonialism and Gaining Recognition”. The National Women’s Studies Association Conference. (November 2015, Milwaukee, WI)