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Used by all academic departments and administrative units, the NYU Steinhardt logo is the central element in our School's visual identity, and must appear on all printed communications. Do not use the NYU logo on the same page as the NYU Steinhardt logo.

In order to maintain a clear, coordinated visual identity that reinforces the NYU brand and reputation, please do not create separate logos for your unit, project, department, institute or center. 

In external communications such as report covers and newsletters, please be sure to include the full School name in your copy when possible: The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.

Visual Integrity
Logo Placement
Combining the Logo with Departments and Units
Download the NYU Steinhardt Logo

Visual Integrity

To maintain visual integrity, please follow these guidelines when using the Steinhardt logo:

For legibility and prominence, ensure that clear space is maintained around the logo. Photos, text, and graphic elements must stay outside the clear space -- at least half the height of the torch.
NYU Steinhardt logo - clear space

Restrict usage to the approved logos available for download on this website.




Never break up or use only portions of the logo.  
Do not color the logo with other colors.
Do not rearrange the elements or redraw the logo.
Do not color the torch in another color.
Do not stretch or distort the logo.
Do not lock up additional type inside the clear space.
Do not use outlines, drop shadows, or other graphic treatments of the logo.

Logo Placement

Do not place elements in close proximity to the logo. Use the clear space outline above.

Use top/bottom, left/right positioning to communicate hierarchy or organizational structure.

The logo should never be the most dominant element on the page.

Combining the NYU Steinhardt Logo with Departments and Units

Do not create lockups with department names or other office or institution names. Department or office names should be typeset separately in relationship to the logo, allowing clear space.

Download the NYU Steinhardt Logo

File Types

The above logo formats are available for download. These files are optimal for different media and sizes. You need a NetID to download them.

  • Only EPS and PNG formats preserve background transparency.
  • EPS format is a vector image, while JPG and PNG are raster images.
  • Saving an EPS file as an EPS 8 file should eliminate cross-platform problems and solve uploading issues for programs that require PC coding.
  • PNG format is best suitable for web applications.

R - Recommended File Type / O - Optional File Type

Excel Documents O
Online & Emails O
Publisher DocumentsOO
Promotional Items  
PowerPoint O
Word Documents O
Video/Quicktime MovieO 
Vehicle Graphics  
Adobe After Effects  
Adobe IllustratorO 
Adobe InDesignO 
Adobe Pagemaker  
Adobe PhotoshopOO
Adobe Premier Pro O
Dreamweaver O
Cinema 4D  
Final Cut Pro O
Microsoft Excel O
Microsoft PowerPoint O
Microsoft Word O
WordPerfect O
QuarkXpress O