Eric S. Jackson

Assistant Professor

Eric S. Jackson

Phone: 212-992-9470

Dr. Eric S. Jackson is an Assistant Professor in the Communicative Sciences and Disorders department at NYU. He received his M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology from CUNY Brooklyn College and his Ph.D. in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences from the CUNY Graduate Center.

Eric is a NIH-funded clinician-scientist and Director of the stuttering and vvariability (savvy) lab at NYU. His research focuses on the variability of stuttering—the inconsistency with which stuttering events manifest themselves—and the factors that drive variability including social interaction and anticipation. Eric’s goal is to use basic science approaches and knowledge of the human experience to, ultimately, inform support mechanisms and intervention approaches to improve the lives of children and adults who stutter. Eric is a practicing speech-language pathologist with ten years of experience in stuttering intervention. His own experience as a person who stutters informs his research, practice, and teaching.

Before joining NYU, Eric was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Iowa, a position supported by the National Science Foundation. He has worked as an Adjunct Professor at several institutions in the US and internationally since 2009, and he's currently an Affiliated Scientist at Haskins Laboratories. In his spare time, Eric is a musician, exerciser, and mostly plant-based eater.