David J. Elliott

Professor of Music and Music Education

David J. Elliott


Curriculum Vitae/Syllabi:

Before joining NYU in 2002, David Elliott was Professor of Music and Music Education for twenty-eight years at the University of Toronto. During his tenure at Toronto he also served as a Visiting Professor of Music and Music Education at Northwestern University, Indiana University, the University of North Texas, and the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music. Currently, he is Visiting Professor of Music Education at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance and the Central Conservatory of Music (Beijing).

He is co-author (with Marissa Silverman) of Music Matters: A Philosophy of Music Education (2nd ed.), author of Music Matters: A New Philosophy of Music Education (1st ed.), editor of Praxial Music Education, and co-editor of Artistic Citizenship: Artistry, Social Responsibility, and Ethical Praxis and Community Music Today. He has authored numerous journal articles and contributed chapters to many edited books, including The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy in Music Education; The Oxford Handbook of Music Education; Music, Health, and Wellbeing; The Oxford Handbook of Musical Identities; and The Child as Musician.

He has presented more than 250 invited lectures and conference keynote papers at universities in 46 countries, including: Queen's College-Belfast, Trinity College-Dublin, Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Barcelona, University of British Columbia, University of Sydney, University of Auckland, University of Wellington, University of Cape Town, University of Durban-Natal, University of Stellenbosch, North-West University (South Africa), University of Freiberg, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, University of Stockholm, Örebro University, University of Bergen, Sibelius Academy of Music, University of Jyvaskyla and University of Oulu (Finland), The Danish School of Education, Tallinn University, Rotterdam Conservatory of Music, The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, University of Porto (Portugal), Hong Kong Chinese University, Kaohsiung City University (Taiwan), Yokohama University, Central Conservatory of Music (Beijing), Changchun University, University of Guangzhou, UCLA, University of Southern California, Eastman School of Music, Northwestern University, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Michigan State University, University of Texas-Austin, Arizona State University, and University of Illinois-Urbana. He has also presented papers at national and international music education and community music conferences in Brazil, Malaysia, Turkey, Mexico, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, and Italy.

In addition, Dr. Elliott is an award-winning jazz composer/arranger and a professional jazz trombonist.

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