Carolyn H. Strom

Visiting Assistant Professor

Carolyn H. Strom

Phone: 212-992-9481

Curriculum Vitae/Syllabi:

Carolyn H. Strom is a Visiting Assistant Professor who studies reading and literacy development in young children and adolescents. As a state-certified Reading Specialist and former elementary school teacher, she has over fifteen years of experience researching and working closely with students who have difficulties learning to read. Her work focuses on the ways in which reading and vocabulary interventions work for children from linguistically diverse and high-poverty backgrounds. She collaborates widely with teachers, principals, and school districts, as well as with curriculum developers to improve literacy instruction and programming. Currently, she is leading professional development efforts with teachers in New York City public schools focusing on how to better meet the needs of beginning and dyslexic readers. In 2015, Noodle Education named Carolyn as one of 67 Influential Educators Who Are Changing the Way We Learn.