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Advanced Certificate
Teaching English as a Second Language in College
Post-Master’s Study

Not Accepting Applications

To best meet the needs of our students, we have decided to suspend enrollment in the Post-Master's Advanced Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language in College, Non-Certification. We encourage you to explore Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (PhD).

Build on your experience as a second language teacher, supervisor, teacher trainer, administrator, or materials developer and acquire new professional skills. You’ll be ready for teaching positions in private and community colleges and community organizations, as well as being well prepared for doctoral study.


Degree Details

Official Degree Title

Post-Master's Advanced Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language in College, Non-Certification

Full-time or Part-time

You'll master methods of teaching foreign languages and take courses in curriculum development and research methods as you study:

  • Teaching methods that provoke critical thought and inquiry-based learning
  • The urban educational environments and social, cultural, and economic factors that influence learning
  • How to develop and implement innovative classroom strategies and curricula

Core Courses

Based on communicative methods of second language development and a reflective model of teaching, the post-master’s advanced certificate in TESOL combines core foundation classes with content elective classes. You’ll study methods of teaching English, the second language classroom, curriculum development, and research methods.

Community of Scholars

As a graduate student in our program, you’ll be welcomed into a strong, supportive learning community that takes an additive view of language and culture development, and believes that multilingualism is a valuable resource. Our faculty members are recognized leaders in the field, and are always available to students both through the courses they teach as well as through individual advisement.

As you expand your knowledge of teaching languages and develop new skills, you’ll open doors for advanced career opportunities, such as:

  • Teacher of English as a second language in private and community colleges, community organizations, and immigrant resettlement agencies
  • Curriculum developer, specialist, or evaluator
  • Researcher, teacher educator, trainer, or program coordinator in governmental and non-profit educational agencies and multinational corporations


If you have any additional questions about our degree, please feel free to contact Program Director at