Art and Art Professions

Fall 2018 Graduate Non-Major Courses

ARVA-GE 2120 Contemporary Art and Community Partnerships
Course investigates art museum education. Topics include social justice, object-based learning, & the broader cultural context surrounding non-school art education. Through critical reading/discussion students form an approach to “serious play” & situate themselves into practitioner debates about museums as a site for re-inventing object-based learning. Other topics include community-based art theory, art education, museum studies as well as praxis-based activities.
3 units | Class#: 21056 | Section: 001
Tue 4.30 PM - 6.30 PM at BARN 502 with Rachleff-Burtt, Melissa
Notes: Prioritized for Art, Ed, and Community Practice and Visual Arts Admin students. Others by permission contact

ARVA-GE 2917 Grad Proj Visual Arts Admin: Globalism: Contemporary Art Without Borders
This course examines the trajectory of contemporary art, performance and new media as well as technological advances over the last 50 years through the lens of major biennials, triennials, timed exhibitions, and art fairs. Access to art and ideas from across the globe has increased exponentially in recent years, influencing museums, galleries, auction houses, collectors, curators and especially artists and their creations. Course will emphasize reading original texts by artists, curators and critics plus prominent guest lecturers.
3 - 4 units | Class#: 21282 | Section: 001
Tue 10.00 AM - 12.00 PM at BARN 502 with Goldberg, Roselee

ARTED-GE 2070 Critical Pedagogy, Artists, and the Public Sphere
This course will explore the intersections between critical pedagogy, contemporary art, and public pedagogy. Based on readings in education and cultural theory, as well as case studies and presentations by artist and educators, students will explore education as a creative act and means of social transformation in formal and informal learning settings. Students will analyze their own teaching and learning and connect theory with practice through opportunities to work with local cultural organizations.
ARTED-GE 2070 | 3 units | Section: 001
Thu 4.30 PM - 6.30 PM at BARN 506 with Hamlin, Jessica

ARTCR-GE 2451 Art and Ideas: Redefinition of Art
One common trait of experimental modernist and contemporary art is the pressure it exerts on conventional ideas about what art is and what it can do. This research seminar will address some of the many forms this redefinition has taken, combining art historical methods with approaches drawn from critical aesthetics and curatorial theory. Whenever possible, we will meet directly with artists, conduct site visits, and utilize NYU’s extensive archives.
3 - 4 units | Class#: 21055 |Section: 001
6.45 PM - 8.35 PM at OFFC with Weiner, Andrew
Notes: Open to all graduate students. Meets at 80 WSE Gallery.

ARTT-GE 2010 Introduction to Art Therapy
Fundamental principles of art therapy practice will be presented through theoretical discussion & case presentations. Students will learn the historical development of the profession, its distinction from other disciplines & its commonalities to social sciences. This course will examine the art of making processes & products through basic pictorial analysis. Students will study the artistic expression of children, adolescents, adults, & geriatric populations struggling with varied emotional & physical issues in different settings.
ARTT-GE 2010 | Section: 001
Wed 6.45 PM - 9.15 PM at BARN 403 with Berberian, Marygrace
Notes: Open to all graduate students

ARTCR-GE 2459 Art & Ideas: What is Social Practice Art?
This course explores the burgeoning field of social practice art. Today artists working in the field of social practice focus on aesthetics, ethics, collaboration, media strategies, & social activism as central issues that inform their artworks & projects that are designed for public & social spaces. In the United States, visual art that engaged the public directly began in the late 1950s & coincided with the local “decentralization” efforts that, in the arts, resulted in community-based art practices that envisioned the public as diverse, socially-engaged, & contributed to an expansive aesthetic consciousness. Understanding this history contextualizes social practice art & allows us to interrogate the ways artists blur the lines between object making, performance, activism, grass roots organizing & pedagogy.
ARTCR-GE 2459 | 3 - 6 units | Section:001
Wed 4.30 PM - 6.30 PM at BARN 403 with Desai, Dipti

ART-GE 2983 Interdisciplinary Proj: Environmental Art Activism
Contemporary environmentalism is an issue dominated by scientific, technical & policy discourse. The terms of this political environmental discussion begs the questions; what role does & can art practice play in the contemporary environmental movement? What have artists contributed to contemporary urban environmentalism? To explore these questions we will use the local urban street as our site of ecological analysis, intervention & exhibition. Building on a history of ephemeral political actions of the “Reclaim the Streets” & other political movements the focus will be on durable or sustainable interventions in urban ecosystems involving both human institutions & infrastructure, & the work of other non human organisms. Students will work on projects that re-imagine our relationship to natural systems.
ART-GE 2983 | 3 - 4 units | Section: 001
Wed 8.55 AM - 12.15 PM at BARN 401 with Jeremijenko, Natalie

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