Art and Art Professions

Spring 2019 Graduate Non-Major Courses

ART-GE 2514 Glass
This survey class is intended for students to experience a fuller range of techniques over two semesters. Each semester can be taken independently from the other. The first semester focuses on blowing, hot casting, stained glass, mosaic, & kiln casting (fusing and slumping). The second semester concentrates on coldworking, sandblasting, lampworking, & beadmaking.
3 units | Class#: 5175 | Section: 001
Tue 9.30 AM - 12.50 PM 
MEETS WITH ART-UE 1514. OPEN ONLY TO GRADUATE STEINHARDT AND GALLATIN STUDENTS. Blowing, slumping, neon, casting, lamp working. Meets at URBAN GLASS in Brooklyn.

ART-UE 1582 Projects in Glass
Focus on particular subjects or techniques allows students to broaden the range of their skills & expression. Projects are chosen as a result of both faculty & student interest.
3 units | Class#: 5588 | Section: 001
Tue 5.45 PM - 9.05 PM 
Class Status: Open | Grading: Grad Steinhardt Graded | Instruction Mode: In-Person
Course Location: Off Campus | Component: Studio

ARVA-GE 2076 Visual Arts Markets
Development of a business in the fine arts including core vision, program and presentation, promotion, marketing, sales, contracts, and financial planning. Examination of what differentiates an arts business from other kinds of businesses. Students gain exposure to variety of professionals in the commercial arena of the visual arts including gallerists, dealers, and consultants. The course concludes with the formulation and presentation of a comprehensive business plan for a start up arts business.
3 units | Class#: 5184 | Section: 001
Tue 6.45 PM - 8.45 PM at BARN 105 Whitaker, Amy

ARTED-GE 2277 Teaching Art in a Digital Age: Visual Culture and Media Literacy

This course focuses on enhancing classroom practice through exploration of the uses of media and technology. The course addresses the development of media literacy skills with an added focus on on developing methods to utilize media as a tool to enhance content in the art classroom. The potential of media and technology to assist in the development of innovative curricula in all content areas is examined, with attention to interdisciplinary curricula integrating the arts. There is a substantial lab component to this course, providing extensive hands-on experience in available technologies. Additional topics include the changing classroom in the information age; visual literacy; the role of media technologies for communication in a diverse, democratic society; authenticity and reproduction; inquiry-based learning and technology.
3 units | Class#: 5500 | Section: 001
Tue 5.00 PM - 7.00 PM with Brown, Rachel

ARTCR-GE 2235 History of Contemporary Art and New Media
This course surveys developments in contemporary visual arts since the 60s, from Conceptual Art, to Land Art, Art and Activism through to Globalism of the 90s and early 2000s, including developments in performance art, dance, film, photography, and new media in the history of the arts.
4 units | Class#: 5590 | Section: 001
Tue 10.00 AM - 12.00 PM at BARN 502 with Goldberg, RoseLee

ARTCR-GE 2461 Art & Ideas: Art & the Practice of Freedom
This class will seek to interrogate the categories of art & activism by looking closely at the following efforts: Occupy Wall Street movement, Gulf Labor Coalition & Global Ultra Luxury Faction (G.U.L.F.), the direct action wing of Gulf Labor Coalition, & the Direct Action Front for Palestine-NYC & Black Lives Matter. These case studies will sketch the possibility of a practice in which artist’s work does not simply add an artistic flair to this or that campaign, but rather theory and research, action & aesthetics, debriefing & analysis. Close readings of texts and visual materials form the core of the class supplemented with field trips, & special guests.
3 units | Class#: 5753 | Section: 001
Wed 6.45 PM - 8.25 PM at BARN 304 with Husain, Amene

ARCS-GE 2912 Contemporary Design Culture
Design permeates every aspect of contemporary life from the cell phones we talk on, to the chairs we sit on and the i-pods we listen to. Virtually everything that exists is designed. Why and how does design play such an important role in society? This seminar examines the expanding role of contemporary design beginning with the post World War II era, with an emphasis on how design shapes current consumer culture and how consumer culture conversely shapes design. The course will analyze contemporary design in the context of architecture, interiors and the decorative arts, products, graphics, fashion, and interactive media.
3 units | Class#: 5725 | Section: 001
Wed 4.55 PM - 6.35 PM at BARN 402C with Marcus, Elizabeth

ARTCR-GE 2802 Art Theory and Criticism II
This class surveys theories of contemporary art from the 1970s to the present. Class meetings provide an overview of the parallel appearance of new art forms and the critical theories associated with them. Areas to be explored include contemporary media culture, the politics of the image and identity, social constructions, memory and history as these relate to art theory and criticism.
4 units | Section: 001
Mon 11.00 AM - 1.00 PM with Weiner, Andrew

ARCS-GE 2078 History of Textiles: The Modern Era
Investigates textiles in terms of design, creation, marketing, and use from the 19th century to present. With particular attention to the rapid technological advances of the past two centuries, visual and structural analysis of objects is combined with consideration of historical developments to situate textiles in the context of the surrounding culture. Includes object examination sessions at the Ratti Textile Center at the Metropolitan Museum as well as other New York collections.
3 units | Class#: 6115 | Section: 001
Wed 2.00 PM - 4.20 PM at BARN 502 with Byrd, Sarah

ARCS-GE 2913 Dress and Textiles in World Culture
Examines dress and textiles as signifiers of cultural identity and expression, transmitters of design and tradition, and their centrality to the social and economic structure of a selection of cultures worldwide. Addresses the impact on dress of factors including religious/symbolic beliefs, ideas of gender, trade, and technology, with emphasis on the traditions of Asia, the Americas, and Africa and their global intersections.
3 units | Class#: | Section: 001
Thurs. 10.00 AM - 12.30 PM at BARN 502 with Cole, Daniel

ART-GE 2102 Artistic Activism as Radical Research
Artistic activism is a practice grounded in envisioning new ways of acting and thinking in our communities in order to create social change. It challenges the notion that art practice, research, and social activism are discrete entities. As a form of “militant” or radical research, this praxis based class focuses on a range of different forms of artistic activism as case studies to understand how artists use creative research strategies to engage with communities, social movements, and cities. A major part of the class focuses on collaborative fieldwork in the public realm or in communities.
Section: 001
Thu 4.30 PM - 6.30 PM at BARN 508 with Desai, Dipti

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