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Akeisha Moseley

CNGU Alumni

What year did you graduate?


Undergraduate College/University

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Undergraduate Major


What was the best class you took as an AP student?

Group Dynamics

What was the most influential part of your experience in your program?

The most influential part of my experience was the summer immersion. I was able to connect with peers within my cohort and hear about the transformational changes that they were implementing and plan to implement within the field of education.

Do you have any thoughts you’d like to share with prospective students?

Always follow your passion and trust where it may lead you.

What was your first job after you graduated? 

6th Grade Science Teacher in Marion County School District

What is your current job? 

Professional School Counselor in Cobb County School District

Counseling philosophy.

Akeisha J. Moseley is a professional school counselor in Atlanta, GA where she develops, implements and evaluates a counseling framework built on ensuring the social-emotional needs of young people are adequately addressed. She also assists parents and families of her school community. When examining mental health practices in urban schools, it is no secret that poverty and trauma serve as the greatest detriment to a child’s ability to succeed; as well as their access to educational resources that will aid them on their journey of personal and professional development. With this in mind, Akeisha works to promote educational equity and advocate for children in the field of education through restorative practices and a trauma-informed approach built on cognitive behavioral therapy and play therapy techniques. Whether it’s within her work as a school counselor, part-time Final Evaluator for Teach for America or serving as the Social Emotional Learning Coordinator for Children’s Defense Fund – Freedom School Partners (Atlanta Corp), the work to make a profound impact and shed light on the injustice in our school systems, especially within our urban schools never stops. A quote that she holds on to firmly as she progresses through her career is “education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it” – Marian Wright Edelman.

Did you get licensed?