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Graduate Study Tuition and Fees

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Graduate Admissions

A student's educational expenses are assessed each semester and are based on the number of credits (also known as "points") for which he or she registers. In addition to tuition, students also pay registration/student service fees. The Board of Trustees of New York University reserves the right to alter the schedule of fees without notice. We expect a moderate increase in tuition and registration/service fees each academic year.

View the special secured-rate tuition for the Doctor of Physical Therapy: Entry Level Program.

Graduate Tuition and Fees

Excludes Doctor of Physical Therapy: Entry-Level Program

Tuition and Fees
Academic Year
Academic Year
Tuition per credit$2,101$2,185
Registration/service fee for 1st credit (per term/semester)$550$560
Registration/service fee for each additional credit (per term/semester)$75$77

* January Term (J-Term) courses are not assessed registration/service fees.


2023-2024 Academic Year (Per Term/Semester)
2023-2024 Academic Year (Per Term)TuitionFeesTotal
3 credits$6,303$700$7,003
6 credits$12,606$925$13,531
9 credits$18,909$1,150$20,059
12 credits$25,212$1,375$26,587
15 credits$31,515$1,600$33,115
16 credits$33,616$1,675$35,291


2024-2025 Academic Year (Per Term/Semester)
2024-2025 Academic Year (Per Term)TuitionFeesTotal
3 credits$6,555$714$7,269
6 credits$13,110$945$14,055
9 credits$19,665$1,176$20,841
12 credits$26,220$1,407$27,627
15 credits$32,775$1,638$34,413
16 credits$34,960$1,715$36,675


The following budget items vary depending on individual circumstances. Students should also consider these estimated living costs when determining the total cost associated with their education:

2023-24 Estimated Budget Items
2024-25 Estimated Budget Items
Housing (On/Off campus)$23,588
Books & Supplies$1,510
Personal Expenses$3,000
Health Insurance$4,346
Total Living Expenses$41,236

Doctor of Physical Therapy: Entry Level Program (PTPS-DPT) 
Secured Rate Tuition

As a DPT student, you will be billed a flat rate each semester based on your year of admission.

Summer 2024 Entering Class
Summer 2024 - $17,478
Fall 2024, Spring & Summer 2025 - $17,478 each semester
Fall 2025, Spring & Summer 2026 - $17,478 each semester
Fall 2026, Spring & Summer 2027 - $17,478 each semester

Summer 2023 Entering Class
Summer 2023 -  $16,806
Fall 2023, Spring & Summer 2024 -  $16,806 each semester
Fall 2024, Spring & Summer 2025 -  $16,806 each semester
Fall 2025, Spring & Summer 2026 -  $16,806 each semester

Summer 2022 Entering Class
Summer 2022 - $16,160
Fall 2022, Spring & Summer 2023 - $16,160 each semester
Fall 2023, Spring & Summer 2024 - $16,160 each semester
Fall 2024, Spring & Summer 2025 - $16,160 each semester

NYU Steinhardt offers various forms of financial aid to fund your graduate studies – from scholarships, funding, and fellowships to loans and work-study. Learn more about how financial aid opportunities can help you make an NYU education a reality.

Paying for Your Education


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