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Maintenance Services

Most day-to-day maintenance needs of administrative or faculty offices can be handled most effectively by contacting the NYU Facilities and Construction Management’s Client Services Center. Please do not hesitate to contact the Helpline with requests about changing light bulbs, special rubbish pick-ups, or particular cleaning requests. 

Service requests may be directed to FCM's Client Services Center (Monday-Friday 6am-10pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am-8pm, except University holidays):

When reporting a problem or placing a request, please request a “work order number” from FCM so that your request is documented and may be easily referenced at a later date.

Some requests such as requests for new shelving, office painting, or electrical work may be subject to a charge from the facilities shop. An authorized person, typically the department administrator, is required to supply an account number to FCM. FCM will supply advance cost estimates upon request.

In certain cases, required facilities work may be beyond a department’s resources. Special requests for work may be submitted to David Wong for consideration. If you are unclear about about whether to contact FCM directly, ask David Wong.

Please be sure that your department administrator is aware of any requests made to FCM. If a department administrator hears of several of the same requests or complaints from within the department, the administrator can more effectively communicate the priority of the request to FCM. 

Facilities Related Emergencies

If the problem is urgent call the FCM Helpdesk immediately at 212 998 1001. Then report the emergency to either David Wong. This might include situations such as a flooding or a dangerous structural or other environmental issue. Please consider the personal safety of yourself and others around you. If you think there is a hazard, you may wish to contact NYU Public Safety as well. 

For urgent requests outside of Client Services Center operational hours, please call the NYU Department of Public Safety at 212-998-2222.

Basic Services vs. Charge-backs

Basic services are provided to maintain health and safety under conditions of "normal" building use. Click here to view a schedule of cleaning and other basic services.

However, FCM will generally expect clients to fund special events or circumstances beyond basic services. In order to clarify instances in which charge-backs will apply, FCM has issued this memo. 

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Telephone and Voicemail Service Requests

You can use NYU ServiceLink to request a new phone, new extension, change of location, long distance access code, upgrade or a new voicemail account. Most changes for department phones need to be signed by the authorized NYU Steinhardt department representative and countersigned by the Office of Administration and Finance before being submitted to ITS. More about telephone services and voicemail at NYU.

NYU ServiceLink: Requesting a New Phone or Equipment

Key Requests

Keys may be ordered from FCM’s Locksmith Shop by authorized department administrators.

To order keys for your office or department please click here.

Please note that each key must have a name associated with it. If you are requesting a duplicate key, please indicate the key number imprinted on the key. Please limit your requests to a maximum of five keys at a time.

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Updated February 23, 2017