Reservations for Steinhardt Spaces

NYU is currently rolling out an Event Management System called EMS across various schools, the same platform which Kimmel Center uses. Steinhardt has begun taking room reservations through this new system for limited spaces.

  • Kimball Hall 1st floor lounge
  • Pless Hall 1st and 3rd floor lounges
  • Pless Hall 4th floor and 5th floor conference rooms

Our goal is to have most spaces at Steinhardt leveraging EMS by Fall 2018 and departments will be phased in accordingly. Using EMS will ease the burden of managing spaces for both room managers and everyday users who request space.

The best way to learn EMS is to login with your NetID and try it out here

We are very excited to have this platform at Steinhardt and look forward to leveraging it school-wide.

If you have any questions, please email me

K. Sasha Best, Assistant Director Events & Partnerships

EMS login

Video Tutorial - Booking a Space

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