Raul P. Lejano


Raul P.  Lejano


Curriculum Vitae/Syllabi:

Raul Lejano is a scholar in environment, behavior, and collective action, whose foremost interests involve understanding people’s deep engagements with community and environment, and reflecting such in how we design policy and institutions from a relational perspective. His work on urban sustainability involves increasing resilience in vulnerable communities to risks from extreme weather events, environmental health risks, and social disenfranchisement. His research suggests strategies for reforming urban governance around an ethic of care. Current projects include studying resilience to extreme weather in developing nations and analyzing institutional innovation around land reform and environmental governance in China.
Beginning with his first book, Frameworks for Policy Analysis: Merging Text and Context (Routledge), he has developed approaches for integrating multiple analytical lenses in interpreting environmental situations. In his (co-authored) book, The Power of Narrative in Environmental Networks (MIT Press), a theory is advanced regarding the unique capacity of narrative to capture complex human motivations and human-nonhuman relationships.
His work in the area of environmental education emphasizes how ecological knowledge emerges from the capacity of a person to build relationships with others. Since people’s motivations are never merely utilitarian or affective or ethical, policies cannot be so simplistically designed. As an example, cities need to be analyzed not merely in objective terms but as a web of relationships. His latest work involves the role of narrative and relationality in moving people to act on climate change. Lejano received his doctorate in Environmental Health Science in 1998 from UCLA, and held faculty appointments at MIT, UCI, and HKU before coming to the Steinhardt School at NYU. As a doctoral student, he worked with Lloyd Shapley, recipient of the Nobel Prize in economics.
Raul Lejano, PhD, Professor
NYU Steinhardt School, 239 Greene Street, Room 424, New York, NY 10003 USA
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