Erica Robles-Anderson

Associate Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication

Erica Robles-Anderson

Phone: 212-998-5298
Office Hours: Wednesdays 3.30 Rm 717

Erica Robles-Anderson focuses on the role media technologies play in the production of space. In particular, she concentrates on configurations that enable a sense of public, collective, or shared experience, especially through the structuring of visibility and gaze. Trained as both an experimental psychologist and a cultural historian she has employed a range of methodologies to explore the definition of media-space. She is currently writing a book about the 20th century transformation of Protestant worship space into a highly mediated, spectacular "mega-church" (under contract, Yale University Press).

Prior to her position at Steinhardt she was a Research Fellow in New Media and Architecture in joint affiliation with the Department of Culture and Media and the Humanities and Technology Laboratory (HUMlab) at the University of Umeå, in Sweden. Robles holds a Ph.D. in Communication from Stanford University.