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NYU Metro Center Congratulates 2020 Liberty Partnership Program Graduates


Graduation season is always a bittersweet time for the Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP).  While we are overjoyed that students have graduated, we are saddened that we will no longer see them on a frequent basis.  Highlighted is a group of students from Landmark HS who have participated in LPP since their freshman year.  Landmark students are a dedicated group that is really more like a big family. The culture of the school is familial and tightly-knit.  Here are just 4 of the many exemplary Landmark HS graduates who participated in LPP in a variety of ways (while making the Honor Roll)  including Culinary Arts, Peer Mentoring, SAT Preparation, Tutoring, Visual Arts, local regional and statewide youth conferences, and talking about all of these opportunities to legislators at the annual Advocacy Day in Albany. 

Photo of Darius Musselman

Darius Musselman
Darius has had a camera in hand since we first met him, and served as the photographer at many of our events through these past 4 years.  He stands strongly behind causes and uses his photography to speak his voice.  He will be attending SUNY New Paltz, and his intended major is Photography!

Photo of Dennise Mejia

Dennise Mejia
Dennise has always been an active participant in all she does.  She seeks out ways to be involved, and is proactive in her academics.  Dennise will be attending American University and pursue a major in Biology. 

Photo of Yasmerlin Rodriguez

Yasmerlin Rodriguez
Yasmerlin is passionate in her beliefs. She is an advocate for herself and her fellow students. She has a strong voice and takes initiative. Yasmerlin will be attending Hobart and William Smith, and major in Biology.

Photo of Yaquelin Mendoza

Yaquelin Mendoza
Yaquelin is a stand-up student who always looks out for others. She has positive energy and often acts as a big sister to others.  Yaquelin will be attending American University and pursue a major in Psychology.