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Keep Saying Her Name: We Still Demand Justice for Breonna Taylor


Three months ago, we reached out to our broader community in the midst of processions of bodies marching in unison nation-wide. Each heavy bootprint that troubled the asphalt, each rising fist that stuck the air, and each seering cry for freedom called us to recognize the injustices of the too long and ever-growing list of Black murders committed at the hands of the State, of both police officials and civilians acting as proxy for them. Now months after the protests began, we find ourselves still walking, still raising signs, still waiting for justice. And even though a Kentucky grand jury chose not to indict the murderers of Breonna Taylor, even though this same grand jury had more compassion for the apartment that sat next to hers, we will keep saying her name! We still demand justice for Breonna Taylor.

Unequivocally, we support the uprisings and reaffirm that #BlackLivesMatter. Today, we continue to support our communities and join the struggle for broad accountability, to hold those liable who enact violence against and harbor disdain for vulnerable people, especially Black womxn. Upon hearing the grand jury’s decision not to charge the police who took the life of Breonna Taylor, we were again tossed into a moment of grief, a moment that pushes us farther away from a desired world that truly values Black life. Breonna deserves more, and we deserve a world that deserves Breonna. 

On Wednesday, September 23, 2020, we were sad. Sad for Breonna. Sad for her family. Sad for us. However, we were not surprised, but that does not make it any less painful. Today, we are angry, angry enough to act and ask more of our justice systems, because what happened to Breonna sends a clear message about the value of Black lives--and particularly Black womxn’s lives.  

We recognize that those taking a stand to confront the racism and racist systems that make these murders possible have been ceaseless in their efforts even amidst a global pandemic. In spite of the elastic injury and continual reminder of our nation’s intersectional racial caste, we are encouraged still by many millions of people who know that Breonna Taylor’s life, that all Black lives matters. As such, NYU Metro Center aims to commit to research and research to practice activities in the service of our lives, to promote equity, and to transform schools and the conditions that impair them. With this vision, we are committed to working for a world where Black people and BIPOC communities flourish in our country and beyond it without the threat of racism and racist systems infringing against that possibility.