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CYCLE Screens NYU Metro Center's CRE Film Series


Recently, at a Nellie Mae Education Foundation (NMEF) Understanding Root Causes of Inequities district grantee convening Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education (CYCLE) screened Metro's Center for Strategic Solutions (CSS) and Center for Community Organizing and Engagement (COE) Culturally Responsive Education (CRE) film series.

Overall, the convening was framed by an explicit focus on racial equity and justice, including a forefronting of community-driven solutions. The keynote panel and workshop presenters included Keron Blair (AROS), Ann Dealy and Supt. Ray Sanchez (Ossining Schools - featured in the CRE Stories), and Arun Sambataro (King County, WA Office of Equity and Social Justice).

"The films sparked a good deal of interest and discussion, and at least two people told me later that they'd be using them to frame discussion with teachers and staff in their home contexts. Shout out to Manauvaskar for his film direction and Richard Gray & Co. at Metro Center for production ideas and content! The CRE Stories helped us frame and develop important conversations with teams from six school districts to think about systems change for equity", stated CYCLE Executive Director Keith Catone, Ed.D.