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Youth Development and College and Career Readiness Unit-Youth Testimonials

Youth Testimonials shared by Jade E.

[My name is] Jade E. I was a Youth Participant in the CPA/ 1199 Workforce Pre-RN Program in 2019. I would like to [take this opportunity to] update you on my academic journey. [I started college last year, and initially entered] the Pharmacy Program at St. John’s University. This summer I ultimately made the decision to switch majors. I am [currently] a Healthcare Informatics major [at St. John’s University]. This week will be my third week of school and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Image captures student sitting at a desk, holding her eyeglasses and glancing at her laptop screen.

Especially my first computer programming course ever. I have also joined two clubs on campus to aid me in networking since the tech world is very new to me. One organization is specifically catered to women in STEM and the other is for all majors that fall under technology. 

I am very thankful that you stressed the importance of networking and how life changing it really is. My goal for my third year is to build my resume to align more with my current major and hopefully secure an internship. 

[I have greatly appreciated] the mentorship provided by the CPA/ 1199 Workforce program. 


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