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Youth Development and College and Career Readiness Unit: Liberty Partnerships Program

The Liberty Partnerships Program at NYU Metro Center

Meeting the Challenge: Fostering Communities of Care and Cultivating Persistence

The Liberty Partnerships Program at NYU Metro Center provides comprehensive student support services designed to meet the academic, psychological, social and developmental needs of at-risk students.

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NYU LPP fosters academic resilience resulting in:

  • high school completion
  • persistence in higher education
  • and successful transitions into the world of work

Supporting Improved Academic Outcomes for Students

NYU LPP administers direct services to students in the areas of academic immersion, educational support services, tutoring, and college preparation.

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Empowering Youth Development and Navigating Opportunities Beyond High School

The Liberty Partnerships Programs at NYU Metro Center furnishes participating youth with a myriad of career development services, ranging from cultural enrichment, community service projects, civic engagement, college readiness, and employment preparation.

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NYU LPP intentionally works with youth participants to ensure that all students graduate from high school, and are ready to pursue college and career opportunities in the 21st-century.

Experiential Learning: Youth Engagement & Development

The Liberty Partnerships Program at NYU Metro Center engages youth participants year round. During the academic year, NYU LPP provides a wide array of elective programs including robotics, mural arts, digital photography, as well as a young-adult literature course.

Image captures 8 high school students walking together in the street with backpacks on.

Throughout the summer months NYU LPP offers a robust 8-week program with expanded elective options, including culinary arts, goal setting, college readiness, SAT preparation, creative writing, and long term assignments such as “growing a kitchen garden.”

Program Impact:

The impact of the Liberty Partnerships Program at NYU Metro Center during the 2022-2023 Academic Year is both impressive and transformative.

NYU LPP served and worked with:

  • 388 Students

  • 200 Parents

  • 17 Teachers

  • 3 District Leaders

  • 8 School Level Leaders

  • 221 Training Workshops, Seminars, and Courses Hosted