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Why Is Public School Curriculum Still Whites Only? | 2018

Do an internet search for children’s books by or about people of color, and you will find dozens of lists with hundreds of books, including the 1,000 Black Girl Books compiled by 13-year old Marley Dias.

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Advancing Equity Within and Across a System | 2018

Much of the work of NYU Metro Center includes providing technical assistance and professional development to schools and districts around the country. This work is grounded in advancing equity and racial justice.

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Until the Bright Day of Justice Emerges: Reclaiming Dr. King and the Imagination that Gave Birth to a Dream | 2018

Each year on the Monday of (or immediately following) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, many in our nation and, undeniably, throughout the globe gather to commemorate the story of freedom for which Dr. King lived and...

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A Unique Opportunity for Integration, Inclusion, and Equity | 2018

The gentrification of urban neighborhoods across the country has attracted notice since at least the 1970s. However, in the most recent decade in the “return to the cities,” gentrification has become much more common.

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Fighting Our Fear With Valor: A Powerful Lesson From A High School Student on How to Transform Schools | 2018

Fear is a dangerous thing. It is the source of everyone's problems. Many people in society are afraid of being at the bottom of the hierarchy.

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Teacher Leadership and Advocacy for Policy, Equity & Justice | 2018

“We’re fired up! Can’t take it no more!” This, one of the energizing rally cries for many of us who have taken to the streets to demand change, is what comes to mind when we think about the wave of recent teacher strikes...

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Civic Education for a Civil Society | 2018

Martin Luther King, Jr. famously wrote about the critical linkage between intellectual rigor and personal character in an essay titled, “The Purpose of Education.”

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The Costs of Equity, The Bill We Refuse to Pay: Why Integrating NYC’s Specialized High Schools Is the Right Thing to Do? | 2018

On Saturday, June 2nd, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his plan to “fix” the “diversity problem” plaguing the city’s specialized high schools.

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Reform elite high schools, but the real equity fight is much broader | 2018

At long last, the big policy issues related to race, educational equity and access in New York’s public schools are finally on the front burner. However, many of the most important issues remain obscured.

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Articulating a Strength-Based Agenda of Advocacy for Young Immigrant Children and Families | 2018

What would it mean to view young immigrant children and their families through lenses of strength, courage, promise, and possibility, instead of deficit, need, risk, and remediation? What if we, as educators, administrator...

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A Framework For Integration Rooted In Racial Justice | 2018

Dr. King’s remarks remain deeply relevant in today’s integration debate. His words represent real concerns advocates for and against integration have had for years.

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