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Advancing Collaborative Research in Out-of-School Settings

Project Overview

ACROSS is a research-practice partnership (RPP) between researchers at the Institute of Human Development and Social Change and a cross-unit team at Good Shepherd Services. Goals are to produce shared knowledge, strengthen best practices, and build evaluation capacity in diverse out-of-school settings.

Research and Practice Briefs

Research Brief, Volume 1 - March 2018
Afterschool Classroom Quality Matters: Driving Academic Outcomes in Out-of-School Contexts
This research brief summarizes the findings from an empirical study involving five afterschool programs in New York City. Participants were predominately Latino and African American, and in 3rd to 8th grade. Multimethod data were collected to understand relations among classroom quality, social-behavioral risk, and academic outcomes.

Practice Brief, Volume 2 - February 2019
Lessons from the Field: Three Evidence-Informed Strategies to Improve Afterschool Quality
This practice brief is the companion piece to the first research brief. Informed by youth development leaders and the research literature, this practice brief documents three afterschool classroom practices that, when maintained over time, relate to positive outcomes for youth. 

Research Brief, Volume 3 - July 2022
The Importance of Afterschool Youth Workers: Supporting Positive Youth, Staff, and Community Development
This research brief shares the key findings from a qualitative study documenting the needs, experiences, challenges, and supports of afterschool instructors working with K-8 youth in New York City.

Practice Brief, Volume 4 - July 2022
Three Ways to Strengthen the Afterschool Workforce.
Informed by empirical research, this practice brief (the companion piece of research brief - Volume 3), describes three avenues for organizations and agencies to strengthen the afterschool workforce. This brief can also be used as a reflective tool and includes resources to support actionable next steps and recommendations.

Research Brief, Volume 5 - July 2022
The Benefit of Linguistically Diverse Connections for Afterschool Youth
This research brief summarizes results from an empirical study exploring the benefit of social connections between Spanish-speaking bilingual youth and native English-speakers in New York City afterschool programs.

Practice Brief, Volume 6 - July 2022
Three Evidence-Informed Strategies to Foster Diverse Connections for Youth in Afterschool
This practice brief is the companion piece of research brief - Volume 5, and shares three evidence-informed strategies to cultivate social connections among youth in afterschool programs who may have different linguistic, racial/ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. These approaches are simple to implement, require no special resources, and have demonstrated success with youth in classrooms.

Selected Peer Reviewed Publications

If you are unable to access the articles through the links provided, please email to request a PDF.