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On the Ground

IHDSC's blog for "putting research to work"

On the Ground is the official blog of the Institute of Human Development and Social Change (IHDSC). 

Faculty, staff, and student contributors use Q&As, op-eds, research reports, and other accessible formats to provide practice-ready and policy-relevant information about research findings in the following four domains: education and child development; race, poverty, and inequality; health and well-being; and justice and welfare systems. The goal is to speak to all sides of the research-practice-policy divide. On the Ground also highlights how research, policy, and practice partnerships can address the many pressing social issues we face, both domestically and globally. 

Understanding Cash Transfers

The COVID pandemic has created both a public health emergency and a gigantic financial shock. Millions of people have lost their livelihoods. People need cash to support themselves and their loved ones, and this pandemic brings to the fore a policy set of responses that Dr. Lisa Gennetian and Dr. Daniela Del Boca have worked on for many years. Dr. Lawrence Aber recently spoke with Drs. Del Boca and Gennetian about their cash transfer research and the context of their work.

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Recent Stories

Bilingual Benefits

Dr. Natalie Brito explores myths and misconceptions that accompany bilingual learning in the United States, specifically for children who are learning English as a second language. Through evidence-based, culturally appropriate tools such as Dr. Brito's Háblame Bebé mobile phone app, parents can complete educational modules, receive reminders to incorporate language into everyday activities, and learn about the benefits of bilingualism.

The Obscured Progress of Multilingual Learners

The move to remote learning caused by the COVID-19 crisis has sparked renewed interest in achievement and opportunities gaps for historically marginalized groups. One such group are multilingual learners—students who speak a language or languages other than English at home. Multilingual learners bring a host of assets to school. However, with widespread segregation and inadequate linguistic support, they face many challenges in achieving academically.

Women are Higher-Achieving, Underrepresented in Some Math College Majors

Educators and policymakers often talk about the gender gap in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) during college, but the gender gap is not the same across all STEM fields. Dr. Joseph Cimpian, Dr. Taek Kim, and IES-PIRT fellow Zachary McDermott conducted research on understanding these persistent gender gaps in STEM.

Making Asian American Feminist Politics

Dr. Rachel Kuo of the Center for Critical Race and Digital Studies and the Asian American Feminist Collective discusses the role of media-making, specifically zines, in her activism and political education.

Asian American Experiences of Racism during COVID-19

Dr. Sumie Okazaki, NYU Steinhardt professor of Applied Psychology, discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the racism that Asian Americans face, as well as resources for how parents and other adults can help Asian American children and youth.

Bringing STEM Home

Dr. Moira R. Dillon, Assistant Professor of Psychology, helps families can bring STEM home and even to contribute to science, so that children can have fun and learn and researchers can test and improve STEM curricula for the future.

Partnership Q&As:

Studying STEM in Sunset Park

IHDSC spoke with Dr. Natalie Brito and Sunset Spark — a Brooklyn-based non-profit— about their partnership, the importance of diverse and representative samples, and the benefit of conducting research in community-based settings.

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Partnering to Improve Afterschool

What role can afterschool programs play in addressing inequality and promoting opportunities? The Advancing Collaborative Research in Out-of-School Settings (ACROSS) partnership represents a unique partnership between researchers from The Institute of Human Development and Social Change and Good Shepherd Services. Read a Q&A with Dr. Miranda Yates, Dr. Elise Cappella, and Sophia Hwang.

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Research Partnerships: Dr. Dillon & MoMath

Dr. Moira Dillon and Cindy Lawrence, Executive Director of the National Museum of Mathematics, received an IHDSC Seed Award to recruit children for interactive in-museum experiments to investigate how children reason about the general properties of geometric figures. Dillon and Lawrence talk about the process of developing their research partnership.

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