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Jim Kemple, Elise Cappella and Jennifer Hillman talking

IES-PIRT Affiliated Faculty


IES-PIRT Leadership

James Kemple

Executive Director of the Research Alliance for NYC Schools; Research Professor of Teaching and Learning

Elise Cappella

Vice Dean for Research, Professor

Pamela A. Morris-Perez

Professor of Psychology and Social Intervention

Leanna Stiefel

Professor of Economics; co-Director Education and Social Policy Masters Program

Jennifer Hill

Professor of Applied Statistics; Director of PRIISM; Co-Director of A3SR MS Program

Michael Kieffer

Associate Professor of Literacy Education

Luis A. Rodriguez

Assistant Professor of Education Leadership and Policy Studies

IES-PIRT Affiliated Faculty

LaRue Allen, Applied Psychology
Clancy Blair, Applied Psychology, School of Medicine
Natalie Brito, Applied Psychology
Dana Burde, ASH
Siwei Cheng, Sociology
Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng, ASH
Andrei Cimpian, Psychology
Joseph Cimpian, ASH
Moira Dillon, Psychology
Christopher Flinn, Economics
Erin Godfrey, Applied Psychology
Diane Hughes, Applied Psychology

Okhee Lee, Teaching and Learning
Lorena Llosa, Teaching and Learning
Sandee McClowry, Applied Psychology
Erin O'Connor, Teaching and Learning
Marc Scott, ASH
Edward Seidman, Applied Psychology
Catherine Tamis-LeMonda, Applied Psychology
Audrey Trainor, Teaching and Learning
Mona Vakilifathi, Public Service
Lawrence Wu, Sociology
Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Applied Psychology