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ALSE Project

The Assessment of Learning Outcomes and Social Effects (ALSE) of Community-Based Education research project aims to understand the best ways to create effective and sustainable community-based education in Afghanistan.


ARCADIA for Suicide Prevention takes a developmentally-informed, population-health approach to adolescent suicide. With the prediction of adolescent suicide barely better than chance, researchers focus on the places where adolescents already are (schools, primary care) and leverage trusted sources of support (peers, parents, trusted adults).

Chicago School Readiness Project

The aim of CSRP is to improve preschool-aged children's chances of success in school. CSRP targets young children's emotional and behavioral adjustment through a comprehensive, classroom-based intervention in Head Start.


The CONNECT lab at NYU conducts research to understand and strengthen contexts for learning and mental health in low-income education settings. We study natural opportunities for academic, social, and emotional learning via productive relationships and quality interactions.

INSIGHTS Follow-Up Study

The current project is a follow-up of the INSIGHTS into Children’s Temperament study (2008-2012). This project was led by faculty members in the departments of Applied Psychology and Teaching & Learning at New York University.

SMART Beginnings

The SMART Beginnings project tests a comprehensive approach to the promotion of school readiness in low-income families.

Strengthening the Architecture for High Quality Universal Pre-K

Since 2014, senior leaders in education research and practice at both New York University and the NYC Public Schools Division of Early Childhood Education (NYCPS-DECE) have fostered a research-practice partnership to support roll out of universal pre-kindergarten through Pre-K For All improving the quality of its programming. The purpose of this partnership is to provide quantitative and capacity-building solutions to educational problems faced by the NYCPS-DECE.

Systems Aligning For Equity

The aim of SAFE Spaces (formerly RISC) is to examine the setting-level characteristics and processes that occur in child welfare settings and explore their association with outcomes for youth.