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Strengthening Connections & Opportunities for Learning in and out of Schools

The CONNECT lab at NYU conducts research to understand and strengthen contexts for learning and mental health in low-income education settings. We study natural opportunities for academic, social, and emotional learning via productive relationships and quality interactions.

Using social network approaches, we investigate and enhance connections among children, between children and non-familial adults (educators, practitioners), and among adults who work with youth. We collaborate with school and community partners to activate internal resources to support children with and without behavioral difficulties.

The long-term goal is to increase the likelihood that more young people will have the connections and opportunities they need to succeed in school and life.

The CONNECT lab is led by Dr. Elise Cappella, Vice Provost for University-wide Initiatives and Graduate Education and Professor of Applied Psychology at NYU Steinhardt.


A list of people affiliated with the CONNECT lab

CONNECT Lab Projects

A list of current, ongoing and completed projects conducted by the CONNECT lab