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Chicago School Readiness Project

Launched in 2003, CSRP is a federally-funded randomized control-trial intervention, which included low-income, preschool-aged children living in Chicago. The aim of CSRP is to improve preschool-aged children's chances of success in school. CSRP targets young children's emotional and behavioral adjustment through a comprehensive, classroom-based intervention in Head Start.

CSRP is currently following the children from the original sample through high school, offering a rich opportunity to model children’s trajectories of both their self-regulation and behavioral health from preschool through high school. The study is also exploring the impact of the intervention on college and career readiness.

Study Findings

CSRP has shown the benefits of high-quality Head Start preschool classrooms that emphasize teaching students how to regulate their emotions and behavior.


The Chicago School Readiness Project (CSRP) team and affiliates

Preschool Self-Regulation Assessment (PSRA)

The Preschool Self-Regulation Assessment (PSRA) was adapted from a series of laboratory based tasks for use in field contexts, such as preschool.