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Educational Practices to Identify and Support Students Experiencing Homelessness

What Evidence-Based Practices Can Schools and Districts Implement to Identify and Support Students Experiencing Homelessness?

By Alexandra Pavlakis, J. Kessa Roberts, Meredith Richards, Kathryn Hill, and Zitsi Mirakhur (November 2023)

The Research Alliance partnered with EdResearch for Action, as well as scholars from Southern Methodist University, Utah State University, and University of Kentucky, to develop this brief for schools and districts. The brief outlines evidence-based practices for supporting homeless students, including:

  • Training school staff on students’ legal and educational rights and helping them recognize signs of homelessness.
  • Ongoing staff training in trauma-informed practices and anti-racist pedagogy to create a more supportive environment where students and families are more likely to self-identify as experiencing homelessness.
  • Carefully designed and intentional collaborations and data sharing between schools and community providers to improve access to resources for families.
  • Regular communication with student-identified trusted adults to meet individual student needs and improve outcomes.
  • Ensuring equitable access to technology-based service delivery.

Read the full brief on the EdResearch for Action website.

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