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NYC School and District Leaders

“The Research Alliance provides clear data reports… which have helped us understand trends that may not otherwise be apparent. This has had a direct impact on our policy decisions and daily practices.” 

– Alex Brown, Assistant Principal, High School for Law and Public Service


“We rely on data and research to understand and improve the 1,800 schools that serve our 1.1 million students and their families. I thank the Research Alliance for its continued collaboration, and for helping New York City identify areas of strength and improvement within our schools.”

– Richard Carranza, Former Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education


“Data and research are essential components of every decision we make as the nation’s largest school system—decisions that impact 1.1 million students and their families, and that other districts across the country look to. The work of the Research Alliance for New York City Schools is critical in understanding and improving our schools, and we look forward to our continued collaboration.”

– Carmen Fariña, Former Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education (2014 – 2018)


“As a former chancellor and active participant in creating the Research Alliance for New York City Schools, I can say without hesitation that the Research Alliance has made a great contribution to helping understand what’s really going on in the City's schools. Too often, the debate about school reforms and how they are working is fueled by political rhetoric that generates lots of heat but little light. The Research Alliance places an independent, important, fact-driven check on these debates, one that is sorely needed.”

– Joel Klein, Former Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education (2002 – 2011)


“The Research Alliance was really flexible in terms of the needs of the school communities and students that were involved in the research. Researchers treated students and school members in an authentically loving and respectful manner.”

– Wanda Vazquez, Principal, El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice     


Education-Focused Foundations

“The Research Alliance is an essential source of high-quality, nonpartisan evidence that helps advance equity and excellence in the City’s public schools. It is a leading exemplar of a partnership between a research team and a school district.”

– Adam Gamoran, President, W.T. Grant Foundation


“The problems the Research Alliance studies are ones that matter to the schools and to families; [their work] reflects high academic standards and candor in reporting findings. It’s a formula for success.”

– Michael S. McPherson, President Emeritus, Spencer Foundation


“Credible evidence on what works in public education is an essential ingredient in effective school improvement efforts. The Research Alliance plays an important role in providing New York City educators and others with knowledge they can use to strengthen educational outcomes for children.” 

– Will Miller, President, The Wallace Foundation


Civic and Business Leaders 

“Over the past ten years the Research Alliance has worked with two very different sets of City leaders and has continued to provide high-quality, independent, trustworthy evidence on programs and policies. Such persistence and continuity is a great gift to the children and families of the New York City public schools, and to New York City policymakers.” 

– Augusta Souza Kappner, President Emeritus, Bank Street College of Education
Chair, Research Alliance Steering Committee


“The Research Alliance provides objective analysis and fact-based commentary that was missing from debate over public education before it was established. The team Dr. Kemple has assembled at NYU has earned the respect of educators, business leaders, and advocates, contributing to better policies and practices in our public schools.” 

– Kathryn Wylde, President and CEO, Partnership for New York City
Former Chair, Research Alliance Steering Committee



“The Research Alliance expertly pursues research questions that help schools in New York City illuminate pressing problems of practice, and shares their findings in a way that encourages productive conversations among local and national stakeholders.” 

– Elaine AllensworthLewis Sebring Director, UChicago Consortium on School Research


“It is still too often the case that academic research is not relevant to—or usable by—the policymakers and practitioners who are working to improve education. The Research Alliance for New York City Schools at NYU Steinhardt is at the forefront of a movement to build real working relationships and foster robust, meaningful conversations between academia and education practitioners and policymakers.” 

– Dominic Brewer, Former Dean, NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development