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The Research Alliance for New York City Schools

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The Research Alliance for New York City Schools

Introducing the Indicators of Education Equity Project

The first in a regular series exploring indicators of equity in NYC schools, this post examines differences in academic engagement and progress in high school and highlights important questions about the factors driving these disparities.

The Research Alliance for New York City Schools

Access to Advanced Coursework in NYC High Schools

The second post in our series examines the degree to which students in NYC have had opportunities to take classes that would help them graduate from high school and prepare for post-secondary education, exploring how access to advanced coursework varies by race/ethnicity and neighborhood poverty.

The Research Alliance for New York City Schools

Blueprint for Advancing Equity in NYC Schools

The Research Alliance’s new policy brief outlines recommendations for how City and District leaders can take a more demanding approach to advancing equity, while sustaining the progress that has been made during the last 20 years.

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News and Announcements

Research Alliance Teams Present at AERA 2022

Join Alexandra Adair, Cheri Fancsali, Edgar Rivera-Cash, James Kemple, Kathryn Hill, Kristin Black, and various Research Alliance partners and affiliates at AERA 2022.

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New Report From #DegreesNYC

#DegreesNYC published a new report on January 17th, 2022, Changing the Odds, that builds on data analysis provided by the Research Alliance for NYC Schools.

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Voices in Urban Education: Research Alliance Team Reflects on the Potential of CR-SE in Computer Science Education

Deputy Director Cheri Fancsali, Research Associate Kathryn Hill, and former Research Associate Zitsi Mirakhur are featured in the 50th Volume of Voices in Urban Education (VUE).

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The Research Alliance for New York City Schools conducts rigorous studies on topics that matter to the city’s public schools. We strive to advance equity and excellence in education by providing nonpartisan evidence about policies and practices that promote students' development and academic success.  

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