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Using Stanford University’s Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) to Support and Advance Student Achievement

EPGY is a computer-based instructional resource developed by Stanford University that uses multimedia lessons to introduce and illustrate math, science, and English language arts concepts and exercises to guide students’ learning and mastery of the concepts, and built-in tutorial support for struggling learners.

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Program Description

This brief describes the value in utilizing EPGY curricula in two specific contexts: (1) as an accelerated program for gifted and talented students, and (2) as a means of effective supplemental instruction for students from low-income backgrounds in schools receiving Title I support. The findings presented in brief are drawn from a thorough review of published and unpublished research on the EPGY program.

The research reviewed makes clear that:

  • EPGY allows for individualization of the curriculum
  • EPGY is equally effective with students across several demographic groups
  • A high percentage EPGY students take and excel at Advanced Placement (AP) exams
  • EPGY has a positive effect on achievement for K-8 students in both mathematics and English language arts
  • Schools can use EPGY data to help identify struggling learners who may need additional interventions