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Natasha Capers | Panelist

Image captures headshot of Natasha Capers, Director of the Coalition for Educational Justice. She ears a scarf to cover her hair, a white sweater, and narrow framed eye-glasses.

Natasha Capers

Natasha Capers is the mother of two children ages 20 and 18 who are poised to be the next generation of black liberation leaders, they are a native of Brownsville, Brooklyn, and the Director of the NYC Coalition for Educational Justice (CEJ). Having attended public school in District 23 and attended Thomas Jefferson High School, they know first hand the problems and the promise of NYC public schools, especially those in under-resourced communities. Natasha has served as School Leadership Team Chair, Parent Association President and Vice President for the District 23 Community Education Council. Natasha began their work with CEJ when their children's school was placed on the NYC Department of Education's list for closure. After a successful campaign to prevent the closure of that school, they became a dedicated CEJ parent leader and then took on the role as the Coordinator. The NYC Coalition for Educational Justice unapologetically organizes in Black, Brown and immigrant communities, and uses parent voices and power to advance research-based strategies to improve academic outcomes for students. CEJ’s current campaign is focused on pushing NYC to adopt Culturally Responsive Education, including cultural competency trainings for teachers and school staff, diverse curriculum and a DOE Office of Culturally Responsive Education.

They have helped to lead the fight for culturally responsive education and curriculum in NY City, State and Nationally. Their work with CEJ led to the $23 million investment in implicit bias training for all NYC Dept of Education educators and staff and the investment of over $200 million for the creation of the Universal Mosaic Curriculum, which will be NYC’s first culturally responsive ELA and math curriculum built in partnership of community, parents, students and educators.It is clear to them that the path to our collective liberation is through organizing, collective community building, healing for the generational effects of white supremacy, actively envisioning our freedom futures and embodied joy. Through their work with CEJ, Natasha gives parents the tools to use their power and wisdom to transform a school system that has historically underserved Black and Brown children.

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