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Effective Practices for Holistically Educating English Language Learners in New York State

This March 2017 reports by Metro Center's Regional Bilingual Education Resource Network (R-BERN) addresses student engagement for English Language Learners (ELLs) in schools. Often there is a disconnect between school perception of student ability and actual student ability for these populations. The report surveys research on culturally responsive pedagogy, asset mentality, and sound research around strategies that work best for ELL students.

Teacher in a classroom


The purpose of this monograph is to present a variety of effective practices on how to educate English Language Learners (ELLs) in New York State (NYS) to become successful in their education, and in life. This monograph focuses on data and strategies that school teachers, school administrators, university faculty and staff, parents and other stakeholders can utilize to maximize their collective efforts on behalf of ELLs.

From a critical pedagogical research perspective, this monograph features the following sections which will lead to the type of education initiatives ELLs deserve:

  • Brief History of Bilingual Education in the United States
  • Benefits of Being Bilingual/Multilingual
  • Identification and Placement Process of ELLs in New York State
  • Effective ENL/Bilingual/Mathematics Instruction and Classroom Practices for ELLs
  • Socio-Emotional Support for ELLs
  • Parent/Family Engagement