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Chancellor Lester Young | Panelist

Headshot of Chancellor Lestor Young. He addresses the camera with a smile, as he wears a black colored suit, with a white shirt, and metallic colored tie.

Chancellor Lester Young

Dr. Lester W. Young, Jr. has an impressive record of accomplishments throughout his more than 50 years of public service. A career educator, Dr. Young served as a teacher, guidance counselor, supervisor of special education, principal, Associate Commissioner with the New York State Education Department, and Superintendent of Community School District 13 in Brooklyn, NY. While he has held several positions during his career, Dr. Young firmly believes that the actual achievements of a career lie not in the positions held but in what is accomplished for students and families while in those positions. His contributions include establishing some of the most successful high schools and middle schools in New York City (NYC), implementing the nationally recognized Algebra Project and Comer School Development Program, and leading the first NYC Office of Youth Development and School Community Services. Dr. Young volunteers as a mentor to superintendents, principals and aspiring leaders. He has been recognized for his professional contributions by various local and national education and civic education organizations. Continuing his commitment to public service, Dr. Young serves on the NYS Commission on African American History and the boards of several statewide and local not-for-profit organizations.

As Chancellor of the New York State Board of Regents, Dr. Young remains committed to creating opportunities for every student to succeed, which he considers the guiding principle of his work. His leadership and legislative advocacy resulted in the NYS My Brother's Keeper initiative. New York remains the only state in the nation to have enacted My Brother's Keeper into state law with an annual budget of 18 million. Chancellor Young's leadership was instrumental in transforming the Board of Regents' approach to education, focusing on equity and excellence for all students. Under his guidance, the Board passed a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policy and advanced legislative and budget priorities to create more equitable opportunities for all New York State students. Among his most cherished accomplishments, Dr. Young holds the countless young people he has helped educate. He believes this is a testament to the profound and lasting impact one can make through education.

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