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Research Alliance Work Featured in NNERPP Extra


National Network of Education Research-Practice Partnerships Director Paula Arce-Trigatti takes a look at college enrollment outcomes across districts, including New York CityChicagoHouston, and Los Angeles. The NNERPP article examines how different analytic decisions can profoundly influence findings—and their policy implications. Trigatti draws on evidence presented in a recent Research Alliance Spotlight post (“How Have NYC’s High School Graduation and College Enrollment Rates Changed Over Time?”), as well as our longer report on the same topic, New York City Goes to College. She writes: “For a terrific visualization of how selecting this sample may help frame policy considerations, we highly recommend readers take a look at Figure ES-1 from the NYC full report, which maps out the potential pathways a student from the 9th grade cohort might take to college enrollment. This graphic, together with the entire report–which introduces a conceptual framework for how to approach questions related to college enrollment–is a must-read for policymakers interested in studying this topic further.”

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