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Research Alliance Alumni Author New Article on Teacher Collaboration


Former Research Alliance Deputy Director Adriana Villavicencio and former Research Associate Sarah Klevan, together with Montclair State University’s Reva Jaffe-Walter, authored a new paper, “You Can’t CloseYour Door Here: Leveraging Teacher Collaboration to Improve Outcomes for Immigrant English Learners," in the January 2021 issue of Teaching and Teacher Education. In their paper, they examine teacher collaboration and its role in improving outcomes for English Learners (ELs). Through a comparison of two schools, their paper highlights that:

  • Examining a school that successfully serves immigrant ELs offers portable lessons for schools and districts.
  • The marginalization and isolation of EL teachers impede teacher learning focused on EL students.
  • Teacher collaboration generated rigorous learning opportunities for students through an integration of language and content.
  • Deep and sustained collaboration focused on the needs of English Learners can improve teacher practice and student outcomes.

Drawing on findings from a study conducted by the Research Alliance and NYU’s Metro Center, examining the work of the Internationals Network for Public Schools, the paper provides insight into how schools can foster authentic teacher learning and collective responsibility for EL students.