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The Nest Support Project team provides professional development and on-site professional support to educators working in inclusive education, including those in the NYCPS Autism Nest program.

Kristie Patten

Professor of Occupational Therapy

Christina Annunziata

Director of Professional Development

Wendy Carranza Aponte

Director of Operations, Nest Support Project

Yalda Heshmati

Instructional Support Specialist

Rani Pappan

Instructional Support Specialist

Molly S Perez

ASD Instructional Specialist

Virginia Skar

Director of Social Development Intervention

Emily Haire

Social Development Consultant

Carol Baingana

Social Development Intervention Support Specialist

Heather Clarke

Instructional Support Specialist

Keara Browne

Instructional Support Specialist

Brandy Stanfill-Hobbs (she/her)

Director of Consultation for Nest Support Project