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COVID-19 Resources for the IHDSC Community

A Message from the Director

Elise Cappella

Dear IHDSC Community,

We know you are receiving many communications about COVID-19. This is to simply share what we, at IHDSC, are doing.

As you know, this pandemic has inundated our systems, communities, and families. Daily, however, we each act in small ways to make a difference. We deliver groceries to a neighbor or send word puzzles to a friend. We check on older relatives and keep our children safe. We re-imagine our work, our projects, our goals. We share what we have and what we know with others who could benefit. It is not enough but it is something. 

Over the next several weeks, IHDSC will distribute stories, resources, and research that speak to our collective knowledge and experience. We will help bridge the disconnect between what we know from research and practice and what we do to support children, families, and communities during a time of staggering challenge.

Send us your resources, readings, and writing to share; together, we will make a small difference.

Elise Cappella, Director of IHDSC

Blog Posts

Asian American Experiences of Racism during COVID-19

Dr. Sumie Okazaki, NYU Steinhardt professor of Applied Psychology, discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the racism that Asian Americans face, as well as resources for how parents and other adults can help Asian American children and youth.

Making Asian American Feminist Politics

Dr. Rachel Kuo of the Center for Critical Race and Digital Studies and the Asian American Feminist Collective discusses the role of media-making, specifically zines, in her activism and political education.

Bringing STEM Home

Dr. Moira R. Dillon, Assistant Professor of Psychology, helps families can bring STEM home and even to contribute to science, so that children can have fun and learn and researchers can test and improve STEM curricula for the future.

Discovery and Learning through Play at Home

IHDSC postdoctoral fellows explore the ways the infants benefit from playing at home, as well as ways that family can encourage play.

Additional COVID-19 Resources for Families and Educators

IHDSC is happy to connect our community with as many resources as possible. We will continue to update the full list of resources for families and educators at the respective links below.

Resources for Families Resources for Educators Resources by Subject

National Association for School Psychologists (NASP) 

Ruler (Center for Emotional Intelligence) 

American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP)

PACER Center 

U.S Department of Veterans Affairs:

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Child Trends

JED Foundation

Other Organizations